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Live edge timber100% DRY!! (Moisture Content 9-12%) in high demand, so here at Morelli Design, we stock a
wide variety, retaining its radiant form and natural characteristics. Our beautiful
pieces are locally sourced usually within a 200-mile radius of the North Coast.

With a choice from an elegant selection of slabs, ranging from warming Irish Oak
dark and detailed Irish Ash, we can cut your chosen piece to the size you require;
saving you time and money taking it elsewhere. We also offer finishing services from

Flattening, Cutting to Size, Kitchen Islands, Vanity Units, Epoxy Resin Work,

Bespoke Furniture Commissions to Cabinets . . .


Call in to our workshop and you have the choice to take the timber away on the
same day, or depending on your location, we can arrange for this to be delivered
to you.


Who doesn’t want great quality 100% DRY (Moisture Content 9-12%) timber delivered

directly to their doorstep?


We also stock waney edge and straight edge cladding and can supply to your

specifications upon request. This comes in either our beautiful Spalted Beech or

our cost-effective douglas fir. Whether you are building a fence or cladding a

property, our timber will do the job!

Quick & Reliable – We are the Sawmill & Seasoning Service that saves you the time,

hassle & money of milling large trees & timber only to wait for 3 years before its

stable enough to use for furniture. 


Eco-friendly Service – Our sawmill service runs on biodegradable oil, in order to

preserve the local environment.

Upcycling – We truly believe in the reusing, reducing & recycling ethos. We provide

an all-encompassing service; upcycling your timber into bespoke furniture items

through careful craftsmanship.

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