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Live Edge Slabs &

Native Irish Hardwoods

100% SEASONED!! (Moisture Content 9-12%) here at Morelli Design we use state of the art equipment operated by Native Hardwoods to fully season our timber so it is stable and ready to use, we stock a wide variety of properly seasoned native Irish Hardwoods, retaining their radiant form and natural characteristics. Our beautiful
pieces are locally & sustainably sourced, usually within a 200-mile radius of the

North Coast.

With a choice from an elegant selection of slabs and custom mouldings, ranging from Oak, Ash, Beech & Sycamore to rare Yew & Chestnut, we can cut your chosen piece to the size you require, saving you time and money taking it elsewhere. We also offer finishing services from Flattening, Cutting, CNC Work, Epoxy Resin Work, Bespoke Furniture Commissions, Wall Art

to Solid Irish Hardwood Cabinets . . .


Call in to our workshop and you have the choice to take the timber away on the
same day, or depending on your location, we can arrange for this to be delivered
to you.

Cladding & Fencing

We also stock waney edge and straight edge cladding and can supply to your specifications upon request. Whether you are building a fence or cladding a property, our timber will do the job!

Visit our Specialist sister company for more details

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